When Pup Doesn’t Want To Leave, He Screams In Protest When Mom Says ‘Let’s Go’

Meet Ninja– a pup who LOVES the beach so much that he refuses to leave. Even when Mom calls out that it’s time to go.

In the YouTube video description, his human writes: “Ninja loves the beach a LOT. We had already been playing fetch with him there for over 40 minutes. Normally when we tell him it is time to go, he immediately stands by us and lets us put his harness on, but not this time! Epic tantrum ensued…”

The hysterical part of Ninja’s tantrum is that he does try to listen. He comes when called but then takes the most hilarious ‘u-turn’ back to the water once he decides he does not want to leave. He even sniffs out his leash like he’s debating if going home is his best option.

He quickly realizes that staying at the beach is a much better way to spend his day. What follows is a two-minute epic meltdown of protest. Ninja is NOT leaving without a fight.

Why is it that when a kid behaves this way it’s so not as cute?! HA! Watch Ninja’s hysterical display in the video below and don’t forget to share with friends who can understand and appreciate this dog’s hilarious antics.

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