Newborn Pit Bull Pup Was Abandoned & Dying, So They Put Him Next To Cat’s Babies

A days-old Pit Bull puppy named Noland was abandoned at birth, and barely holding on to life. When he ended up at the Cleveland Animal Protective League, the shelter workers found him to be in a bad shape, and thought that he had no chance of survival.


Source: Cleveland Animal Protective League


As a last resort, they decided to try something unconventional. Two days ago, a mama cat named Lurlene had given birth to a litter of 4 kittens. The staff placed Noland beside Lurlene and the kittens, and hoped for the best. To everyone’s relief, the trick worked!

Lurlene welcomed the orphaned Noland without hesitation. She would look after him for hours, and would vigilantly watch him when he was being fed. She would also let him sleep alongside the kittens like siblings, and always be protective of him.


Source: Cleveland Animal Protective League


Thanks to Lurlene’s motherly love, Noland survived, and started growing up into a happy pup. It is wonderful to witness how transcending the motherly instinct can be, as it goes beyond species. Looks like Noland will be a loving son and brother when he grows up!

Check out the video below to watch how Lurlene reacted when she saw Noland for the first time!

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