Dad Sets A Trap To Stop Cat’s Bad Habit, Cat’s Comeback Will Leave You In Splits

Cats are creatures of supreme intelligence. Their learning, thinking and problem-solving capacity never fails to impress us. One Dad got a taste of this sneaky feline brilliance when he devised a cunning plan to stop his pet cat, Mulder, from waking him up.

Source: YouTube/Sven

Dad’s sleep quality had taken a setback ever since Mulder had learnt to open the door to his bedroom. Every morning, Mulder would swing the doorknob and barge right in, pouncing on the still-sleepy-and-shocked dad for cuddles.

Tired of the everyday (happy) disruptions, dad decided to put an end to it. He devised a seemingly ingenious plan that involved a tub of water blocking the door. Relying on a cat’s instincts to avoid danger, dad hoped that Mulder would either learn from a dip in the tub, or avoid the door altogether.

Source: YouTube/Sven

But what Mulder did next was enough to wash away all of dad’s hopes for a sound sleep. Clearly, dad and everyone watching the video had grossly underrated Mulder’s acrobatic chops. You need to see Mulder’s antics for yourself, and bow down to mighty Mulder’s amazing acrobatics!

Check out the video below to watch Mulder’s perfect solution to beat the trap!

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