Moose Lied Down In Their Yard, So They Grabbed Their Camera And Began Recording

Female moose are known to be increasingly picky when it comes to choosing a habitat before birthing their calves.

One family from Alaska felt blessed when a moose singled out their yard as a safe space to give birth to her babies.

The gentle creature had been visiting their yard every year for the past 6 years during her pregnancy, but this year was special!

Source: Levi Perry/YouTube

In this video captured by the family, we witness an extremely rare moose birth. Right at the beginning, we hear the family rejoicing when the moose pushes out a tiny calf.

But as the mama nonchalantly licks and tends to her newborn, the family doesn’t realize that she is birthing a second calf! For the first time, she has become a proud mama to twins!

Source: Levi Perry/YouTube

After the arduous birthing process, mama moose cleans up her babies who are still soaked in fluid from the amniotic sac.

While the mama makes sure her twins are doing okay, one of her calves excitedly tries to see if his limbs work. He looks too adorable as he stumbles around with the determination to take his first steps!

Source: Levi Perry/YouTube

Moose calves are often targeted by predators due to their vulnerability, which is why this mama will be working extra hard to protect her newborns during the first few months of their life.

This fascinating birth story has filled our hearts with so much wonder!

Click the video below to watch the rare moment when the moose gives birth to twins!

WARNING: The contents of this video may be sensitive for some viewers.

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