Monster Buried Him 6-Inches Beneath A Mound Of Dirt, Officers On The Scene Cried

This story is a sad reminder that modern-day monsters are real.

Williston Florida police responded to a call about cries that were coming from a section of brush.

When they arrived on the scene and got closer, they realized the cries were actually coming from beneath a large dirt mound.

Something was buried beneath!

Source: Funky Smile/YouTube

They got on their hands and knees to dig out the crying creature. They were horrified to find that it was a tiny innocent puppy!

Who would do such a thing?! This was deliberate and cruel. The puppy was buried alive and left to die. But why?

Source: Funky Smile/YouTube

The puppy was buried six inches down, shallow enough to reach him but with all that dirt on such a tiny body, it was only a matter of time before he could no longer breathe.

This intentional act of cruelty angered the officers. They retrieved the little guy and brought him to the vet.

They were shocked when they were told that he was merely 7 days old. A monster was responsible for this, indeed!

Source: Funky Smile/YouTube

The tiny puppy couldn’t even open his eyes. He was terrified. He had no idea why this was done to him, where he was and why, for the love of god, he was taken from his mother.

The veterinary staff named him ‘Tucker’. While they were angry at the way he was treated, they were relieved that he was now in good hands.

Despite all he had been through, Tucker appeared healthy. He took to the bottle right away. One of the vet techs fell in love with…  >> Click To Continue Reading This Story. . .

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