Mom Caught Dad & Dog Jamming Together And Their Cute Dance Routine

Dogs have a special place for music in their hearts. Some love to howl in response to the tunes, while others prefer swaying to the beats of their favorite song.


In this gleeful video, we see Dad listening to one of his favorite songs, while idly relaxing on the couch with his furry friend.

As the song gains tempo, Dad starts swaying to the beats. He coaxes his dog to follow the beats, and on cue, the dog starts imitating Dad and swaying too!

Like perfectly synchronized dance buddies, the pair sways their heads in harmony. The little pooch uses his fore-legs to balance his head from side-to-side, as he tries to keep up with Dad’s hilarious dance routine.


But the pair has no idea that Mom is in the other room, secretly recording their antics. When Dad and dog finally realize that they have an audience, they blush and put an end to their goofing around.

This is easily the cutest dog-human dance routine we’ve witnessed in a while!

Click the video below to watch Dad and dog swing their cool moves to their favorite song!

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