Tiny Dog Sees Her Baby Brother Is Not Tucked In, So She Tucks Him In Herself

Dogs are often called the guardian angels of children because of their loyal and protective stand toward their human siblings.

It’s heartwarming to see dogs going out of their way to watch over little kids and shield them from all sorts of dangers!

Source: Misty Gunther/YouTube

In this video, we see a tiny Yorkshire Terrier named Misty watching over her little baby brother sleeping in a carrier.

However, Misty gets very concerned once she notices that her parents haven’t tucked in her brother like they usually do.

Like a responsible big sis, Misty proceeds to tuck in the baby herself! Misty approaches her brother carefully and starts pulling his blanket inwards.

She uses her tiny mouth to tenderly fold the blanket around the baby until he is properly tucked in nice and cozy!

Source: Misty Gunther/YouTube

Misty’s mom was amazed to witness her little girl’s sweet gesture toward her brother, so she decided to share it with the world in this video!

Misty and her brother are definitely going to be best friends growing up!

Click the video below to watch Misty adorably tucking in her little brother!

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