$5000 Reward Being Offered For Safe Return of Missing Seeing Eye Puppy’s Return

On June 24th in New Jersey, a 14-month-old German Shepherd puppy went missing from Wantage.

She is a very special Seeing Eye puppy named Ondrea and a whopping $5,000 reward is being offered for her safe return to her family. She has an ID tattoo in her right ear and has also been microchipped.

Source: The Seeing Eye / Facebook

“We feel we have exhausted all options in terms of finding her loose in the vicinity and are refocusing our efforts on the possibility that someone may have her and not realize we are looking for her,” said Seeing Eye Director of Canine Development Peggy Gibbon on Facebook. “We hope that increasing the reward for information leading to her safe return will raise the visibility of our search for Ondrea.”

For the first year of their lives, Seeing Eye puppies live with a volunteer family until they are old enough to be formally trained. When Ondrea went missing, she was was living with her volunteer puppy parent. She apparently broke through an exterior door with a latch and has been missing ever since.

Source: The Seeing Eye / Facebook

Staff and volunteers with The Seeing Eye have posted thousands of fliers across Sussex County in an attempt to locate the 50lb puppy. It’s unclear whether or not Ondrea was picked up by someone who knew she had a family. Because of her tattoo and microchip, her return should have been a quick process.

Seeing Eye hopes that increasing the reward for her safe return will raise awareness for the search for Ondrea. They will gladly accept the special pup back with no questions asked — but so far, no one has contacted them regarding her location.

Anyone with information about Ondrea’s whereabouts should call the tip line at 973-525-1084.

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