Mom Asks Her Husky If She’s Stupid, Husky Is Ready With A Hilarious “Comeback”

Mishka is not like any other “talking” Husky. This girl’s got some very solid opinions of her own!

She is a supremely intelligent being who understands the intricacies of the human tongue, even if she’s unable to replicate it herself.

This video proves Mishka’s intellect is not to be trifled with!

Source: gardea23/YouTube

It’s just a usual day for Mishka as Mom strikes up a casual conversation with her. So when Mom says “I Love You”, Mishka howls back a similar “I Love You” for her human.

For the next few seconds, the Husky has some appropriately affirmative answers for Mom as she asks her “Are you pretty?” and “Do you love me?”

Source: gardea23/YouTube

It was all fine and dandy until Mom does the unthinkable and asks Mishka the most ridiculous question – “Are you stupid?” 

To say that Mishka is offended by the question would be an understatement!

The fluffy pooch starts stomping around the room in disappointment and howls away the loudest “NOOOOOOOOOOO!” she can manage! That’s just unbelievable!

Source: gardea23/YouTube

You must watch this video for yourself to witness the distinct shift in Mishka’s behavior the moment she hears the word “stupid”.

She can adequately differentiate between a compliment and an insult, and there’s no way anyone can sweet-talk her into saying lame things.

Mishka is a doggie genius and we love her to bits!

Click the video below to watch Mishka the Husky’s shockingly hilarious reaction on being asked if she’s stupid!

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