Baseball team trains Golden Retriever to be their new adorable batboy

If you’re a baseball fan or ever attended a game, you’ve probably seen a batboy or batgirl pick up the baseball bats the team members toss aside. One team in Rochester, New York, trained their newest batboy for months before unveiling him to the public.

Milo the Golden Retriever practiced for four months twice a day to earn the title of official batboy with the Rochester Red Wings baseball team.

Source: Spectrum Local News

For his debut, the weather cooperated and Milo hit a home run with his tail wagging, bat-retrieving antics, and the crowd went wild. He even wore an official team jersey.

“We know we have a lot of fans that love dogs so we thought you know what this would be a cool thing to do,” Red Wings General Manager Dan Mason told a reporter.

The dog served as a good luck charm because the team won the game that night.

Source: MMarquardtTV/Twitter

Although the adorable pooch won’t be working every game, he will certainly be back to entertain fans and pick up the bats.

Way to go, Milo! Watch this sweet pup do his job in the video below.

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