Company Made Wheelchairs For 50,000 Pets, Now Makes First Wheelchair For A Duck

Merlin the duck was born with a birth defect that left his left leg deformed. This disability rendered him immobile and he was never able to walk, dive or fly. But Merlin’s life changed when Goats of Anarchy (GOA) sanctuary in Annandale, New Jersey, took him in.

Source: SWNS TV/YouTube

The GOA workers reached out to “Walkin’ Pets”, a New Hampshire-based company that designs custom-made wheelchairs for pets. The company usually tends to the needs of disabled dogs and cats, but they agreed to help Merlin.

In this video, we see Merlin try out the company’s first tailor-made wheelchair for ducks. Once Merlin was rigged up to the chair, there was no stopping him! With excited quacks, Merlin lifts his right leg forward, while the wheelchair supports his inactive leg. He is all smiles as he finally walks on his own.

Source: SWNS TV/YouTube

Workers believe that with continued physical therapy, Merlin would be able to waddle in water in no time! The engineers of Walkin’ Pets, who have designed over 50,000 wheelchairs for disabled pets all over the world, are thrilled to help their first duck. What a lucky duck!

Check out the video below to watch sweet Merlin take his heartwarming first steps in his new wheelchair!

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