Dog Fighting Ring Dumped Pit Bull In The Trash, But No One Stopped To Help Her

About 4 years ago, Mercy the Pit Bull was dumped amidst a pile of trash by a secluded roadside in Echo Lake, Texas. The area was known to be a major hub for dog fighting rings.

For several days, the disoriented and paralyzed Mercy waited helplessly in her own urine and feces, but no one bothered to stop and check on her.

Source: The Abandoned Ones “Saving Animals in Danger”/Facebook

Mercy had lost all hopes of survival by the time she was spotted by Judy Obregon, the founder of “Tao Animal Rescue”.

The moment Judy approached the abandoned pooch, the weak and disabled creature began wagging her tail vigorously to signal that she was alive and breathing.  She must have been so scared and lonely all this time.

Judy quickly carried the sickly Pit Bull to her truck to drive her to the hospital. She was shocked when a terrified Mercy extended her paw to her rescuer and begged her to hold it.

Judy lovingly comforted the pooch for the rest of the ride and assured her that she was in good hands.

Source: The Abandoned Ones “Saving Animals in Danger”/Facebook

At the hospital, the vet confirmed that Mercy was not hit by a car, but had several old and new fractures that indicated prolonged abuse.

The dog was put on an intense recovery plan, but she could barely eat or perform bowel movements during the first few days of her treatment.

Over months of surgeries, monitoring and rehab, Mercy rewarded her caretakers with the best gift ever – she started walking on her own!

The video below not only documents her triumphant recovery, but also shows the bright girl she has blossomed into today in her forever home!

Source: The Abandoned Ones “Saving Animals in Danger”/Facebook

The most powerful aspect of Mercy’s journey is her emotional attachment to her pink rabbit plush toy that was given to her by Judy just after her rescue.

She has had the toy for 4 years, and she never lets it go. For Mercy, the toy will always be the symbol of hope and faith even in the darkest of times!

Click the video below to watch Mercy’s heart-rending journey after she was cruelly left to die on the streets.

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