200 Dogs Crammed Into Cages On Way To Be Slaughtered Had Miraculous Twist Of Fate

According to HSI, an estimated 30 million dogs are slaughtered for human consumption each year throughout the world and China is responsible for 10 million of those deaths.

202 dogs were being transported to a meat market in South China to be sold and slaughtered for food.

HSI via The Dodo

To make matters worse, the conditions they were being kept in were beyond awful. They were packed into tiny wire crates with no space to move. They had no food or water and were struggling to breathe.

The dogs were absolutely terrified, but luckily their bleak fate would soon change. Activists saw the truck filled with the crates of dogs as it was driving through Hunan, China, and contacted authorities.

HSI via The Dodo

Since the driver couldn’t prove he owned the dogs, the police were able to take the dogs and give them to the group of rescuers. The dogs were taken to animal hospitals and rescues in the area, where they would be immediately treated for their ailments.

20 of the dogs were brought to a shelter that’s run by Humane Society International (HSI). The dogs suffered from many different problems including broken bones and wounds from being crammed into the little cages, and many were covered in flies and maggots.

HSI via The Dodo

Sadly, 13 of the 202 pups wound up passing away soon after being rescued, due to their poor treatment at the dog farm.

But the rest of the dogs were slowly recovering. Despite the abuse that they’ve suffered at the hands of those cruel people, they were still very friendly and seemed so thankful and relieved to finally be safe. Rescuers showered them with love, something they’ve never felt before.

HSI via The Dodo

They’re well on their way to a full recovery and will be available for adoption once they’re given a clean bill of health. In the meantime, they will be well taken care of by rescuers and enjoying the start to their second chance at life.

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