His Somber Eyes Begged For Help After Escaping A Lifetime Of Suffering

Marco was found in deplorable conditions. He was suffering from Leishmaniasis, a parasitic disease that could be fatal if left untreated.

His eyes were badly infected, his ear was missing, and his snout was covered in painful scabs. He was so weak, he could barely move, and you could see the sadness in his eyes.

Source: Viktor Larkhill/Youtube

He had live in captivity his whole life, neglected and ignored, but thankfully he was now in good hands, thanks to Viktor Larkhill and his team of rescuers and vets.

The vets studied his lesions and decided on the best treatment. They knew it would take months for him to heal, and weren’t even completely sure he’d make it, but they knew they had to try.

Source: Viktor Larkhill/Youtube

They sedated him to perform an in-depth treatment, since it would be too painful for him to be awake during it.

Two weeks later, they continued the treatment, and Marco was already looking so much better. The scabs began to go away and his injuries were healing nicely.

Source: Viktor Larkhill/Youtube

As his body healed on the outside, he healed on the inside as well. The better he felt, the happier he grew. Marco began trusting humans again and was extremely friendly.

He even found a loving forever home with new doggy siblings. Today, Marco looks like a whole new dog and is loving his second chance at life!

Watch his incredible transformation in the video below:

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