Man thinks he’s about to save a giant beaver stuck in the river – moves closer and realizes the unimaginable

In Oklahoma, Jim Passmore took his dogs on a walk. When he found something at a nearby brook, he couldn’t help but wonder what it could be.

Upon seeing it, Jim thought it was a big beaver stuck at the water’s edge. This, however, was not even close to what it was.

After taking a closer look, Jim saw something he was not expecting.

An old, tired dog was stuck at the water’s edge. He called for help immediately. Authorities had to pull the immobile dog out of the water.

The dog they later named Teddy appeared quite overweight. Police said he had quite a hard time getting up. Because of Teddy’s age and weight, he couldn’t get himself out of the water.

Luckily, rescuers saved him and took him to a nearby animal hospital to recover.

Crazy enough, this wasn’t the only time somebody would save Teddy’s life.

After his recovery, the hospital decided they would put Teddy down. With no room for him in the hospital, he lay in a cage awaiting his death.

Thankfully, the Oklahoma Alliance for Animals took Teddy into their hands. They thought they could buy him some time and find him a new home.

Sadly, it seemed nobody wanted Teddy. Nobody seemed eager to adopt a senior dog.

That’s when Jessie stepped forward. He cared for Teddy at the first animal hospital, and Teddy already trusted him.

Now Teddy is happily living on Jessie’s farm among a few other dog friends!

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