Mom Hid Under Collapsed Building After Giving Birth & Man That Beat Her Followed

All a mother dog should have to worry about is enjoying her new babies. But for dogs living on the streets, they surely have to worry about way too much.

Besides food and adequate shelter, they have to worry about keeping their babies safe. One stray dog gave birth near a shop and the owner wasn’t happy.

He tried to chase her away but when he got frustrated with her when she didn’t leave, he beat her.

Source: Stray Paws/YouTube

The poor mama dog took her babies and hid beneath an unstable building. The building, on the verge of collapse, made her feel safe so she stayed there as long as she could.

When a rescue group heard about her story, they knew they had to do something. Once they were able to track her down, they had to come up with a plan that wouldn’t scare her off.

Source: Stray Paws/YouTube

If the mother dog made any sudden movements and hit the building’s foundation, who knows what could happen! The rescuers decided they would brace the building with some PVC piping and then crawl in carefully to remove the puppies one by one.

Source: Stray Paws/YouTube

Mama looked so scared and confused but they had no other choice. They had to save their precious lives! One man reached in and pulled the first puppy out. So far, so good! There were seven puppies in total. Once all seven were out, he could then save Mama.

Source: Stray Paws/YouTube

This rescue mission was beyond heroic! Each puppy was safe and Mama was finally out as well. The building held up, thankfully. Now it was time to get them to the vet clinic.

Mama was so happy to be with her puppies in a safe place. She never knew what that was like before. Just imagine how much this poor dog has gone through. It’s unthinkable!

Source: Stray Paws/YouTube

The entire family is now safe thanks to the rescue group and each puppy, once weaned, will go to a loving home. Rumor has it that one of the rescuers will adopt Mama.

What a happy ending to such a tragic tale. To see the dramatic rescue, check it out below!

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