Man finds tiny kitten on the roadside, but after the kitten sees him, now watch his reaction

It is believed that whereas humans get to choose their pets, it’s quite different when it comes to cats, because they are actually the ones who choose their owners. Ahmed El Mayed is one lucky guy who rescued a tiny kitten that fell in love with him and doesn’t let him go anywhere without her.

Whenever he lays her down, the kitten starts running towards him until he takes her in his arms. She surely enjoys cuddling with her human daddy who is one big guy and people who see them hanging out refer to him as the gentle giant who loves taking care of his cat.

This master illusionist is known for his affection and kindness towards animals and his social media accounts are full of photos of all the animals he either fosters or takes in forever. Many people love him because of what he does for the animals, especially cats.

This kitty is lucky to be by his side and we are happy to witness this kind of friendship. It’s cute beyond words.

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