Man Catches Stray Puppies Running In Traffic, One Started Foaming At The Mouth

There is nothing we wouldn’t do to help animals in need. When this dog family was in trouble, thankfully the right people were coincidentally close by and stepped in.

A stray mama dog gave birth to seven puppies under a bridge. They were all in grave danger because they were near a busy street. The puppies were wandering into traffic!

A rescue organization drove right passed them on the way back to their shelter. They pulled over as soon as they saw one puppy walking under a car tire.

Source: DogRescue/Youtube

According to the video, all the puppies suffered from neurological problems because the mama didn’t have enough milk to feed them. They all had worms as well.

Source: DogRescue/Youtube

One of the puppies foamed at the mouth and shook uncontrollably. It was a heartbreaking sight for sure.

Source: DogRescue/Youtube

But by the grace of god the rescuers were able to gather up all seven puppies as well as the mama dog. They brought the family back to the rescue center.

Source: DogRescue/Youtube

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