Teenager’s Pooch Eerily Disappears Weeks After She Was Murdered

Millions of dogs go missing every year, and Luna the Siberian Husky is one of them. What makes her disappearance unique is Luna’s owner, a teenager, was murdered a few weeks earlier.

Media has chosen not to release the deceased teenager’s name, but they hope sharing the story will reunite Luna with her remaining family members.

Luna was able to flee the family’s home and has not been seen since. The dog is the only living memory Jason and Amy Hill have of their daughter.

Source: Amy Hill/Facebook

“We need to know. Even if the worst happen — even maybe she got hit on the road — we would just like to know,” said Jason.

Sadly, their daughter was murdered as a result of domestic violence. Trying to cope with the loss has been compounded by Luna’s sudden disappearance.

Source: Amy Hill/Facebook

Luna has a microchip but it is linked to the couple’s deceased daughter. They are hopeful that anyone in the Tallahassee area or beyond might see the dog and get in touch with them.

At the time of her escape, the dog was wearing a pink collar and may be wandering in the Crawfordville area in Florida.

Anyone with sightings or information about Luna is asked to message Amy Hill on Facebook here.

Source: Amy Hill/Facebook

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