Eagle parents anxious as 2 eaglets fall from nest, local heroes attempt to reunite them

Andy Pitts from Sequim was walking his dog when the pup barked at some strange noises coming from the neighbor’s bushes. Andy walked in to investigate, and was surprised to find 2 baby eagles huddled together, begging for help.



The eaglets were about 3 to 4 weeks old, and had fallen from their nest high up in one of the pine trees. Andy further realized that the dark, fuzzy babies belonged to Lucy and Ricky, the neighborhood’s well-known bonded eagle pair.

Lucy and Ricky had lost babies before, so Andy made up his mind to help the eaglets back up. He called Jaye Moore, a retired wildlife expert, who quickly took the scared babies for medical help.



Next, they sought help from Casey Balch, owner of Pacific Northwest Tree Service. Casey cleared his schedule and came running to help Lucy and Ricky’s babies. He placed the eaglets in a green duffel bag, and meticulously climbed the tree to find their nest.



Throughout the rescue operation, Mama Lucy hovered over the locals and kept tabs on her babies. Both Lucy and Ricky were overjoyed when Casey placed the little ones in the nest. They rushed in and took turns to calm down their riled up babies before feeding them some food.



The brave locals are thrilled to have tended to Lucy and Ricky’s babies, and hope that they grow up without any further hurdles. Looks like this eagle family really keeps the town together!

Check out the video below to watch this commendable eaglet rescue operation!

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