Leopard Sees Dog Sleeping & Pounces On Him, Dog Has Mere Seconds To Save His Life

A group of tourists were enjoying an jeep safari in Jhalana Leopard Park in Rajasthan, India, when they spotted a dog sleeping on the dirt trail.

The driver hit the brakes and waited for the dog to move aside. Just then, a hungry leopard emerged from the bushes and walked straight toward the dog.

Source: SWNS/Youtube

The tourists panicked as the leopard quietly ambushed the sleeping dog and pounced on him. The dog woke up and was shocked to find himself surrounded by the leopard.

The leopard confidently tried to grab the dog, and the poor dog knew he had mere seconds to save himself from becoming the leopard’s lunch.

Source: SWNS/Youtube

Seeing no escape route, the dog decided to “fight back” with the only weapon that he had – his loud barks!

The tourists watched in wonder as the dog ferociously charged on the leopard with his screeching barks and forced him to back off!

However, the leopard wasn’t going to give up on his prey so easily.

Source: SWNS/Youtube

In the last few seconds of this video, we see the leopard stand away from the dog. He’s confused as he tries to contemplate his next course of action.

The leopard knows that the dog is much weaker than him in built, but he’s still intimidated by the barks.

Watch this video till the end to see how this brave dog chased the leopard away once and for all! We are in awe of this dog’s survivor spirit!

Click the video below to watch this nail-biting encounter between the leopard and the dog!

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