Woman Tries To Take Selfie With Jaguar, Gets Attacked And Then Blames The Zoo

A woman named Leanne survived an attack by a jaguar at the Wildlife World Zoo in Arizona recently. Leanne admitted that she was in the wrong, as she crossed the safety barrier to take some selfies with the black jaguar.


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Leanne ended up on the floor after being clawed by the jaguar, who didn’t welcome the unwanted intrusion. She was screaming in pain with a lacerated arm, and was rushed to ER for treatment. Leanne had some stitches, and is doing okay now.

At first, she blamed the zoo for lack of safety measures, but later she apologized to the zoo authorities. She wants to use her experience to plead people to conform to safety rules, and not do anything reckless just for the sake of selfies, as they are never worth it.

This is the video of the aftermath of her risky selfie attempt (the story continues after the video):



However, she also maintains that the zoo should move their fence back as an extra safety measure, as the same jaguar had attacked another person a few months back. The zoo administrators have also stressed on the importance of rules and regulations, as the jaguar was just minding his own business in his enclosure.


Twitter/CBS Evening News


They have also extended their gratefulness to all the people who supported their decision to not euthanize the jaguar. The jaguar has been currently removed from the enclosure. What are your thoughts about the current zoo regulations?

Check out the video below to watch the Leanne and the zoo authorities present their versions of the incident.

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