Rescue Dog’s Agility Course Fail Has Everyone Watching In Stitches

It was four years ago that Baron Kratu von Bearbum (“Kratu” for short) was saved from an abusive situation as a puppy by the UK-based rescue group called Wood Green. He then found his forever home with Tessa Eagle Swan who would make sure the dog would never suffer these circumstances again.

Facebook/Baron Kratu von Bearbum

Kratu went on to become both a service dog and ambassador advocating for rescue puppies at local dog shows. But his extremely friendly nature would sometimes break through in other phases of his training. 😉

At a dog show for rescue pet competitors, Kratu gave the agility course a try. And his attempt made for one memorable performance!

Facebook/Baron Kratu von Bearbum

While the dog may not have aced the course, he won over the hearts of everyone who watched. Even the announcers got a kick out of the performance! 😀

“Kratu is a special dog that is off on a very special mission to raise awareness,” Tessa said on Facebook. “He is my sunshine and the light of my life.”

See the dog’s performance in the video below. It just shows that dogs have this special ability to find joy in every little aspect of life, and it’s something we can definitely learn from them. 🙂

h/t The Dodo

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