They Put Two Kittens Through Horrible Abuse, But A Rescue Transformed Them Completely

The Bradford Cat Watch Rescue is a volunteer organization dedicated to rescuing kittens and finding them loving homes in the West Yorkshire region of the United Kingdom. They save the lives of over 400 cats and kittens every year.

As an animal rescue, Bradford Cat Watch has seen many cases of abuse. However, they weren’t prepared for a recent call regarding two kittens completely covered in permanent ink.

Source: Inside Edition / YouTube

The two young tuxedo cats seemed to be between four and five weeks old and were cruelly covered in ink on the white parts of their body. The rescuers named them “Shrek” and “Smurf” and immediately began to rehabilitate the desperate babies.

Source: Bradford Cat Watch Rescue Kittens / Facebook

It’s possible that the dyed kittens were being used as bait for a blood sport involving dogs. Thankfully, a kind person scooped them up and rescued them from a terrible fate.

Source: Bradford Cat Watch Rescue Kittens / Facebook

The first order of business was to give the two kittens a much-needed bath. The kittens could get a good scrubbing on their body, but the volunteers had to be extremely careful around the delicate facial features.

Source: Bradford Cat Watch Rescue Kittens / Facebook

The pair was lethargic and had trouble breathing, making the bathing process even more precarious. They were struggling to survive, but the rescue needed to get the ink off of their bodies.

Source: Bradford Cat Watch Rescue Kittens / Facebook

According to the rescue, Shrek and Smurf will most likely rack up a $5,800 vet bill this month alone.

Source: Bradford Cat Watch Rescue Kittens / Facebook

After a few rounds of baths, the kittens’ white fur finally began to show through. The brothers are on their way to a happy and healthy life thanks to the kind volunteers who are working tirelessly to save them.

If you see animal abuse, don’t hesitate to step in and make the appropriate calls. Thanks to the actions of a few people, Shrek and Smurf have a real chance.

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