She Spent 9 Lonely Years At A Junkyard By Herself After Her Owner Left Her Behind

Hope For Paws received a call from a woman named Persephone Harrington who had found a senior homeless dog seeking refuge under a shipping container in a junkyard.

Rescuers arrived and found her lying under the container in the dirt, amongst trash.

After speaking with locals, rescuers learned that the dog’s owner has been deported nine years ago, and she had just been left behind.

Source: Hope For Paws/Youtube

She had been fending for herself on the streets all this time, wondering where her owner was.

She had also been hit by a truck at one point, and never received medical attention, which led to her losing her eye.

People in the area have been feeding her, but she needs much more than that. This poor pup, now named Josephnine aka Pheenie, needs a loving home, especially now that she’s in her golden years.

Source: Hope For Paws/Youtube

Rescuers placed a gentle snare around Pheenie’s neck and waited to see how she would react. Pheenie was very sweet and friendly and came right out from under the shipping container.

Once they got a closer look at her, they determined that she was pretty old and discovered that all of her teeth were rotten and broken.

They quickly transported her to CARES, where she would finally receive proper medical care and a much-needed bath.

Source: Hope For Paws/Youtube

Vets diagnosed her with discosondylitis (infection of the spinal cord), severe dental disease, and a urinary tract infection. She also had many mammary tumors, which isn’t uncommon for un-spayed females to get.

After her bath, Pheenie laid down on the couch with warm blankets. She quickly fell asleep during what was her first comfortable nap in nine years.

L.A. Animal Rescue offered to foster Pheenie for the rest of her life. She spent many days going for walks, playing outside, enjoying the snow, and feeling genuine love for the first time in a long time.

Source: Hope For Paws/Youtube

Pheenie finally experienced what life should be for every dog.

Five months after her rescue, Pheenie peacefully passed away while lying comfortably by the fireplace.

Thanks to the woman who called for help, HFP rescuers, the amazing vet staff, and L.A. Animal Rescue, Pheenie was able to enjoy her final months of life instead of spending them alone under a shipping container in a junkyard.

Watch her rescue and journey in the video below:

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