Dog Gets Beaten Up While Shielding His Human Mom From Abuser, Helps Her Escape

No one is born a hero, but it is our choices that make us one. This is the story of a 110 pound Great Dane named J Matthew, who stood up for his mom when no one else would.

Source: Lilly M/Wikimedia Commons

J Matthew panicked when he saw his mom about to be beaten to a pulp by her abuser with a hammer. But he was not someone to silently watch from the sidelines. The brave Great Dane stepped right in and shielded his mom from the direct blows. He signaled Mom to escape, as he took the blows on with his fragile body.

The young woman ran out into the streets to the nearest police station to get some help. By then, the abuser had dragged J Matthew out, and hit him until he was down with several broken bones, a broken hip and fractured rib.

Source: Canarian/Wikimedia Commons

The woman found shelter at the Rose Brooks Center. Later, this haven also took in J Matthew, making him the first domestically abused dog at the shelter. Over time, the center has cared for over 36 pets in domestic abuse cases. We hope we can create a better world for our pets and for domestic violence victims, far from the clutches of any abuse.

Check out the video below to watch this heartbreaking story of abuse and survival.

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