6-Year-Old Boy With Autism Doesn’t Want Shelter Dogs To Feel Lonely, Begins Reading To Them

In a world where most kids are obsessed with their cell phones and video games, one kid is showing that there is great joy in other things in life – like spending time with shelter dogs.

Source: YouTube/ABC News

Meet Jacob Tumalan, a 6-year-old boy with autism, who loves reading and loves sharing his joy of reading with others. Even though he is disabled, Jacob turns up at the ‘Saving Carson Shelter Dogs’ dog shelter in Gardena, California, every Thursday to do one thing – read to the dogs. These Thursdays are even called “Therapy Thursdays!”

Shelter dogs are usually starved for human interaction and affection, and Jacob truly believes that reading to them makes them feel a little more wanted and a little more loved. This young kid has a very noble heart!

Source: YouTube/ABC News

In the video below, we see Jacob on one such visit where he’s reading one of his favorite stories to Pirate the Pit Bull. As Jacob begins reading, Pirate moves closer to him so he can hear him better. How cute is that?! This shows the effect even small gestures like this can have on shelter dogs.

Jacob is doing such a wonderful service to these dogs, and we hope every parent who watches this video is inspired and considers taking their child to do some volunteer work. It’s good for the soul!

Check out the video below to watch Jacob read his story to Pirate.

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