Despicable Man Drags Dog By Rope From Motorbike And Guy Gets In Owner’s Face

Dogs are put on this planet to be cherished but despite the obvious, like how amazing dogs are, some owners treat them like property.

Thankfully there are plenty of animal lovers who are happy to step in and protect those in need. One dog was thrilled to see this man, an everyday hero, who we commend for his bravery.

A kind man saw an older gentleman riding his motorcycle. The man was cruelly dragging his dog behind the bike by a rope around his neck.

How could someone be so heartless? How could a dog owner be so callous?

Source: Dog Rescue via YouTube

The kind man is adamant. This disgusting behavior is not to be tolerated. He goes over to the dog while yelling at the owner. He works to get the rope off from around the dog’s neck.

By the dog’s posturing, you can see he is afraid of his owner. The kind man frees the dog and then leads him safely to the side of the road. The dog owner follows, wanting his dog back.

But the kind man isn’t having it. He pushes the older man away. He tells him that his dog is no longer his dog!

Source: Dog Rescue via YouTube

The two men get into a screaming match. Cars pull over to see what’s going on but the dog’s rescuer continues to defend his actions. He’s not giving the dog back to such an evil owner!

Two minutes into the video, the dog looks to his rescuer and his friend, and for the first time, expresses gratitude. It is such a heartwarming moment.

Source: Dog Rescue via YouTube

But despite the rescuer’s attempts, the dog’s owner insists on taking him back home. He goes to grab his dog and the dog just cowers away and whimpers.

We witness another heartbreaking moment BUT the dog’s new human best friend steps in once again.

He and the older gentleman wind up face to face and it is clear who the dog is going home with — and it’s NOT his owner.

Source: Dog Rescue via YouTube

While we don’t recommend taking matters into your own hands if you witness animal cruelty, we do commend this brave man and his friends. NEVER attempt to intervene yourself. Instead, call the authorities for help!

The dog is now safe thanks to a man who wouldn’t back down! To see this all play out, check out the video. And yes, the dog’s owner is a horrible individual who needs to remember to zip his pants!

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