Image Of A Wolf Has Everyone Stumped — Can You See Why

An ancestor of the domestic dog, the grey wolf plays a key role in keeping our ecosystems thriving. Wolves are also known for their distinct howl, which they use to communicate. Self-taught bodypainter, Johannes Stotter, is paying artistic tribute to the beautiful creature that is the wolf.

Source: YouTube

The now viral video on the artist’s YouTube channel shows the magical creation. What appears to be a lone wolf howling in front of a snowy scene, continues with a full head thrown back. On further inspection, you realize the ‘wolf’ is actually three separate models, bodies painted with precision detail, formed together to create a ‘wolf.’

Source: YouTube

As the bodies emerge from the wolf pose, you can see exactly how they wrapped into different positions for the effect.

Stotter is well known for his artistic talents. He has been known to paint various sizes and shapes of bodies to blend into scenes including animals, fruits, trees, and rocks.

Source: YouTube

Seeing is believing, so take a few moments to relax and enjoy this visual illusion in tribute to the great wolf. The video, complete with sound, is below.

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