Firefighters Race To Remove 2 Adult Dogs & 11 Pups From Beneath Shed On Hot Day

When Animal Control Officer Stella Ickes was called to a home in Pasco County, Florida about animals under a shed, she wasn’t fully prepared for what she would see on arrival.

Ickes discovered two female mother dogs and 11 puppies beneath a hot shed in the scorching sun.

The location of the animals proved challenging, as they could not be immediately accessed. Their lives hung in the balance with each passing second.

Source: Pasco County Fire Rescue/Facebook

Ickes called for help from firefighters with Engine 34-A in Pasco County. On arrival, the firefighters developed a plan and got right to work.

On Facebook, Pasco County Fire Rescue posted, “Firefighters Reilly, DeJonge, and Moats hit the dirt and rescued all thirteen pups from under the hot shed.”

Source: Pasco County Fire Rescue/Facebook

As of this writing, the two female adult dogs and their puppies are recovering in a rescue environment until they can be adopted out.

Thank you to all those involved who came together to save the lives of these innocent animals!

Source: Pasco County Fire Rescue/Facebook

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