Huskies Hilariously Join In On Their Mom’s Fitness Routine

Dogs definitely have a different idea of what a “work out” is than their humans. When they see us on an exercise mat or doing yoga they could join in, but more often than not, they will do something hilarious to interfere and take the opportunity to get some attention.

Take these two huskies, for instance. Their mom, fitness guru Kayla Itsines, is in the middle of one of her exercise routines when the two dogs decide to come over. One bumps her in the bum, another paws her in the face! It’s hard to keep a straight face watching them “participate”!

Kayla had this to say after her adorable interruption: “Dear mums of the world, I think I speak on behalf of everyone when I say WE HAVE SO MUCH RESPECT FOR YOU!! I cannot even work out with two dogs, I have NO idea how you workout with kids!! But you do it anyway!”

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