Man Follows A Stray To Abandoned Building, Sees Dogs Chained Up All Over

Robert Altermoser and his friend Neal were out when they saw a stray dog, and they got a funny feeling about it.

They proceeded to follow the dog over to an abandoned building, and they couldn’t believe it. Inside lots of dogs were chained up and left to fend for themselves with nothing.

Source: The Dodo/YouTube

Robert’s first thought was to clear out the building and leave no dog behind, and he left his home to rescue the stray dogs in Bulgaria.

He met with the police who gave him permission to go take the dogs from the nightmare scenario.

So Robert headed over with bolt cutters to set them free. All of the dogs were so nice and friendly despite the neglect.

Source: The Dodo/YouTube

After the chains were cut, the dogs were led to the vehicles for their freedom rides.

The puppies went on to Neal’s house to receive the care they needed, and the others were taken to the 10,000 square-meter property the two men named Everydaystray Rescue!

Some of the dogs have already been adopted while the rest continue to be rehabilitated for a second chance at life.

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