Guy Body-Sleds Down Huge Hill With Dog Then Sends His Wife Hysterical Video

A guy went out for a walk in the winter snow with his dog, but he ended up videotaping the most hysterical day of sledding. Using his own body!

While he was out supposedly hiking with the dog, his wife asked him for proof when he got back. Little did she realize what the dog and hubby did earlier in the day.

Source: YouTube

The guy came upon a steep icy incline and decided to do some daredevil epic sledding…on his back!

He kept his phone camera running and you can see both him and the dog scooting down the hill. The dog is feverishly trying to catch up, and he finally does when the guy comes to a halt.

Source: YouTube

On the second run, it’s a blow-by-blow laugh fest! The dog decided to keep up with the guy, playfully nudging him, as lets out some friendly grunts.

These two are having the time of their lives, and wait until you see what the doggo does to the guy at the very end. Press play below for guaranteed laughs.

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