Mom Suspects Pup Ate Food Off The Counter. His “Confession” Has Internet In Laughter

We love our furry family members. They console us when we're sad, play with us when we're happy and are the best snuggle bugs ever! Even when they get into a bit of trouble, they're too cute for their own good.

Such was the case when Mom caught Miller sneaking food off of the counter. Thankfully, she had her phone in her hand and taped her scolding the guilty, sneaky pup! She had no idea that his reaction would be so darn funny!

According To I Heart Dogs, the reason the pup in this video “smiles” is because he's actually showing a submissive grin. This grin means that he is willing to submit to the owner and doesn't want any trouble.

Even though this is definitely an appeasing, submissive grin it looks similar to an aggressive smile. The baring of the teeth is the main reason people confuse the two! However, if the smile isn't accompanied by snarling and growling, it's most likely a submissive grin!

That's exactly what Miller does in the silly video below and Mom can't help but let out a chuckle of her own!

Miller was clearly caught red-handed (or pawed) and knows he's in trouble! There's nothing else that he could do besides smile and hope it all just goes away.

Thankfully, Mom wasn't too upset and let Miller off with a warning. Take a peek at this adorable grinning pup for yourself by pressing “play” on the video below.

We've all caught our pups doing something that they shouldn't, we just wish they'd all look as cute as Miller!

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