Great dane is not very happy when Mom gets a new puppy, throws a hilarious hissy fit

In this video, the owner sets up her camera to record her petting her adorable little puppy. While the puppy is clearly the center of attention, it seems as if someone else isn’t very happy about that.

As the Great Dane sees his mom showering the new puppy with attention, he is filled with envy. The Great Dane is so jealous that he leaps up on his mom, begging to be loved just as much as the pup in her arms.

A hilarious sight you must see. The Great Dane putting his front paws on the mom was as if he was telling her ‘look at me please!’

I think the funniest aspect about this video is that fact that there is another dog present (other than the Great Dane and the puppy), but unlike the Great Dane, this dog doesn’t seem to be all that jealous.

It just really shows us that there are no two dogs alike. They each have their own personalities and that’s what makes them so unique.

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