Grad Walks The Stage & ‘Freaked-Out’ When She Saw “Tiny Grad” In Her Boyfriend’s Arms

Paige Johnson was getting ready to graduate from the University of North Carolina after spending four years there.

Graduating is always bittersweet. You leave behind amazing memories with new friends that you’ve made, but you get to enter the ‘real world’ and start your career.

Paige Johnson

When the day finally came, Johnson crossed the stage feeling this exact way, but when she looked over at her boyfriend and spotted the ‘tiny graduate’ in his arms, she couldn’t keep it together.

Her boyfriend, Owen Helman, wanted to plan a special surprise to celebrate Johnson graduating, so he decided to get her a Golden Retriever puppy, named Oliver.

Johnson was so surprised and happy to see the little pup that she burst into tears. Around the same time, Johnson’s father surprised her. . .    >>Click To Continue Reading This Story. . .

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