Golden Finds Struggling Stray Kitten, Carries Him Home & Becomes His New Mom

Golden Retrievers are known for their loyalty and playfulness, and their love is not limited to just humans and other dogs.

This Golden Retriever found a struggling stray kitten and decided to pick him up and carry him home.

Viral Paws/Youtube

Once the Golden’s owner spotted his dog with the kitten, he checked the area for a mom or siblings, but the cat’s family was nowhere in sight.

The owner quickly got to work, bottle-feeding the kitten ’round the clock to ensure that the kitten would survive. Even during feeding time, the Golden stayed by the kitten’s side.

Viral Paws/Youtube

The Golden became a mother to the kitten, and the two of them formed a very special bond.

From eating out of the same bowl, to snuggling together to going on walks with each other, these two are now the best of friends.

Viral Paws/Youtube

If it weren’t for the Golden’s motherly instincts, this kitten may not have survived outside alone without his mom.

Watch their adorable relationship in the video below:

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