Golden Retriever Gave Birth To 8 Pups — when owner sees the 9th she loses her breath

The new puppy caught everyone off guard.

Something special happened to a female Golden Retriever which lived in Scotland with her owners. She successfully gave birth to nine healthy pups, but one of them isn’t golden like the rest – it was green!

The green tinted puppy is healthy, nevertheless. Vets believe that the odd tinting of its fur is caused by the presence of biliverdin, which is the green bile present in their mother’s placenta. The amniotic fluids mix with it, causing a temporary color on the pup.

The owners told the local newspaper, The Sun, that they “couldn’t believe it” when they saw the puppy emerge from the litter.

The little puppy was naturally, given a name akin to its fur color – Forest! Forest is already an internet sensation thanks to his reputation as the little miracle green puppy.

Social media shares of the peculiar Golden Retriever litter have attracted worldwide attention and awe. After the birth, Forest, along with the rest of his siblings and his mother, are all doing well. His once greenish fur is already starting to fade to a gold shade like the rest!

The rest of his siblings will be placed in forever loving homes – except for the little green pup himself. Forest remains with its owner, Louise Sutherland – as it has earned a special place in her heart. Looks like being a green-colored puppy is not so bad after all!

Isn’t Forest the sweetest puppy you had ever saw in a newborn litter of Golden Retriever puppies?

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