Golden Retriever Loves Listening To Her Human Play The Guitar. But When He Stops Playing? Hilarious!

Have you ever seen a dog that LOVES music? Well, here's Bailey the beautiful Golden Retriever who definitely shows signs of the love of music!

One day, the owner, a Los Angeles based American singer-songwriter Drew Arcoleo, decided to play his guitar and start jammin' with Bailey!!

As he played the basic chords in Jimi Hendrix's “Purple Haze” in front of Bailey, the adorable puppy smiles and even bobs her head up and down with the beat!

Bailey sure has a good taste in music and a great sense of beat and rhythm!

The most hilarious and adorable part of it all is when the music stops! Every time he stops playing, her facial expression looks like she's saying “Hey! Where did the music go?!” or “hey man.. WTF! Did I tell you to stop!?” LOL!

This is too cute!! This video should be used as therapy for people who suffer from depression: it is an injection of good mood! Awesome!

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