German Shepherd Thought Soldier Dad Abandoned Her Holding Nothing Back On Day Of Reunion

Any dog owner will be the first to tell you that there is no love like that of man’s best friend. There’s just something very special about the love a dog is able to give it’s owner. A dog will never tire of seeing you and it will always be extremely excited to see you when you get home.

Freyja the German shepherd has this type of special bond with her soldier daddy and after months of not seeing him, she wasn’t about to let another minute pass by without showing him how much she loved him once they reunited once more.

The camera pans out to a soldier sitting in his living room with his arms outstretched. He most certainly is happy to be home. As his family member records, someone behind opens a door and the scurrying of little feet and barking can be heard in the background.

The dogs have been released but it’s the next sight they all witness firsthand that immediately leaves everyone’s heart in a puddle. The soldier whistles and at that moment Freyja the German shepherd jumps onto the couch and can’t resist cuddling with her owner.

Nine months gone is a long time for anyone and fur babies are no exception to missing someone. Freyja is ecstatic as she excitedly kisses her owner and whimpers out loud. It’s been nine months since she’s had the chance to do this.

Her cries are oh so sweet as she lies on her back to have her soldier daddy rub her belly. She refuses to leave his side and the reunion is absolutely heartwarming.

Watch it for yourself in the sweet video below. Welcome home, soldier!

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