German Shepherd helps his human get ready for bed, then ‘tucks him in’ in adorable fashion

Baron the German Shepherd is one incredibly talented dog. German Shepherds are known for their intelligence, considering they are one of the smartest breed of dogs, but Baron takes it to a whole other level.

Baron is also the best family member you would want to live with. In fact, if this family ever goes on vacation and can’t bring Baron along, I would love to dog-sit for them. That’s how great of a dog he is.

For instance, he’s there for you if he knows you’ve had a long day:

He cleans up after himself by helping load the dishwasher:

And he is even considerate enough to do his business in the toilet rather than out in the yard or in the park:

And Baron’s talents certainly haven’t gone unnoticed. Several of his videos have earned over one million views. Everyone is impressed with Baron, as they should be! I’m just waiting for the dog to appear on Ellen.

To add another talent to Baron’s long list of talents, Baron also makes a great babysitter.

Here, he demonstrates his exemplary parenting skills as he helps get his young human, Zander, ready for bed.

First, Baron helps keep Zander’s room in tip-top shape by putting some of his toys away. Then, the two share a routine nighttime prayer before Baron takes the blanket and pulls it over Zander.

Baron makes sure to remind Zander how much he loves him by showering him with several doggy kisses! Then, because Baron is mindful of utilities as well, he makes sure to turn off the lights before leaving Zander to peacefully sleep.

Now that is a considerate dog.

See the whole bedtime routine for yourself in the video below! Don’t you wish you could have a Baron too?

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