Dog Found Abandoned In Crate In Scorching Hot Sun Left To Die Without Food Or Water

The police in Enfield, Connecticut are asking for the public’s help after a dog was found abandoned in a crate.

In a Facebook post Saturday, Enfield police said they found a German Shepherd abandoned inside a crate down an embankment in the hot sun left to starve and die without any food or water.


The dog did not appear to be in critical condition but officers took him to a nearby veterinary hospital for an evaluation.

The dog is currently recovering from dehydration.

For the time being, the dog is not up for adoption. However, this status could change in the future.

The police are now investigating into the matter and hoping to track the owners who left this poor dog to die in such a miserable state.

Enfield police said the dog was wearing a blue collar with a black clasp.

If you recognize this dog or have any information, please contact Officer Ryan with the Enfield police at [email protected], or you can also call at 860-763-6400 ext. 1414.

Please spread the word and help locate the careless owners of this poor dog.

Check out the video below to watch a report on how the dog was found abandoned in a crate.

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