Nosy Dogs Stumble Upon Food Coloring During Midnight Kitchen Raid, Get Dyed Green

Dam-nam and Sai-Au are 2 French Bulldogs living with their parents and other canine siblings in Lamphun, northern Thailand.

One night, they found that Mom had not locked the kitchen door. So, they made a midnight escapade and started raiding the kitchen.


Source: ViralPress/Daily Mail/YouTube


All was going well for these Frenchies until they stumbled upon a bag of green food color powder.

The dogs not only managed to get the green powder all over their bodies, but also left a trail of green stains in every corner of the house!

When Mom Yada Ornsomjit found the state of her kitchen, she was horrified. She saw her dogs innocently walking around looking like mini Grinches, and instantly confronted them.

While one of the dogs hid in a corner to escape confrontation, the other tried to reason with Yada with the perfect puppy dog eyes!


Source: ViralPress/Daily Mail/YouTube


Yada and her husband spent the rest of the day scrubbing the floors and cleaning their dogs. But even after 3 washes, the dogs still looked green.

However, Yada couldn’t stay mad at her adorable babies for long, as they barely had any idea about the epic mess they had created!

Check out the video below to watch the two Frenchies flaunting their bright green bodies while Mom confronts them!

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