Veterinarians Warn Dog Owners About A “Dog Killer” Right In Their Own Backyard

If you’re owned by a dog then you know how much they enjoy running around outside. Many of us take our pups to large open spaces so they can let loose and get some much-needed exercise.

Dogs are meant to run and explore and they love nothing more than to sniff around and take in the scenery. But… Did you know there are certain types of grass that can be harmful to your dog, even lethal? NEITHER did I!

Taking your dog off-leash or even exploring your own backyard without investigating yourself first can be detrimental to your pup. Veterinarians say it is becoming more and more common for them to see significant, painful wounds from foxtail grass.

As a dog “explores” foxtail grass, her skin can be pierced by the seed awns’ needles on their eyes, feet, tummy, noses and inside their mouths. Foxtail grass can be found in almost any region which makes avoiding it even more challenging. It can grow nice and lush in vacant lots so dog owners are to avoid this locale at all costs (unless investigating diligently first!)

Signs that your dog may have been exposed to foxtail grass:
-excessive sneezing
-violent headshakes
-skin lumps
-pawing at the eyes, nose, and mouth repeatedly

If your dog is exhibiting any of these signs or symptoms, and it is possible they were exposed to foxtail grass, seek medical attention immediately.

It is OUR responsibility to ensure our pet’s safety. ALWAYS investigate your property for potential hazards. And never let your dog run off-leash if you haven’t thoroughly checked out the area first! Our pups are too precious to take any chances!

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