Woman Crashed Into River & Escaped – Left Her Dog Behind In Flooding Car To Die

Weber County Sheriff’s Office Search and Rescue Patrol Division responded to a motor vehicle crash in Ogden Canyon, where a car had overturned into the Ogden River.

The driver reportedly fled the scene, but rescuers had to clear the car of any other occupants before they could remove it from the water.

Weber County Sheriff’s Office Search and Rescue/Facebook

During further investigation, rescuers heard barking inside the car and quickly realized that the driver had left behind their dog in the flooding car.

“To me, it’s like leaving your kid in the car and abandoning your child in a vehicle upside down in a river,” Weber County Sheriff’s Lt. Courtney Ryan told Fox 13.

Weber County Sheriff’s Office Search and Rescue/Facebook

A member of the dive team was lowered down the rock wall and swam out toward the car. He was unable to remove the dog form the car, so the next best thing was to secure the pup inside the vehicle with a harness and remove him once the entire car was brought out of the water.

Weber County Sheriff’s Office Search and Rescue/Facebook

Once the dog was removed from the car, Weber County Animal Services scanned for a microchip and checked him over for any injuries.

Thankfully, aside from being soaked, the dog, nicknamed Swift, was unharmed and happy to be safe. He is now being cared for at the Weber County Animal Shelter and will remain on hold for the next few days for the driver to pick him up. If not, he will be up for adoption.

Fox 13

The driver was later identified as Stephanie Perry, who was driving fast near the river when she crashed. She ran off when people nearby helped her get out of the car, leaving her pooch behind.

Perry was picked up and booked into jail. She was wanted for violating probation, and investigators suspect alcohol may have been involved.

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