17 Dogs The Moment They First Met Their Humans

There’s nothing better than adoption day! A sweet pup getting its forever home is the moment everything changes for a dog. And judging by the 17 pictures below, they know exactly what’s going on. 😉

h/t BuzzFeed

#1 New mama kisses!


#2 First car ride!


#3 Already feeling at home.


#4 This pup’s loving his new dad!


#5 “Adopted this little guy today”


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4 thoughts on “17 Dogs The Moment They First Met Their Humans

  1. We now know why Axle was kissing us so much….we literally saved his life as he had Parvo when we adopted him and he got sick 24hrs after we adopted him. There’s NO way the welfare scum who had him would’ve spent the thousands of dollars it cost to save him…but we did! Today, Axle is alive, kicking and kissing us every day!!! Mario Despatie

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