Firefighter pulls trapped pup to safety – decides he can’t live without him

Captain Paul Bryant, a firefighter in North Charleston, South Carolina, received a 9-11 call regarding an animal in distress.

When he arrived at the scene, he discovered a puppy who was under rocks and rubble. A family was surrounding the pup and had unsuccessfully tried to coax the pup out.

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Captain Bryant refused to give up as he got on the ground and stretched as far as possible to try and reach the pup from under the debris. As he got closer to the pup, he began to lick his fingers.

In that moment, Bryant knew he was friendly, and figured it was his way of saying ‘thank you’ for helping him.

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Once Bryant successfully pulled him out, he took him to Charleston Animal Society to check for a microchip. When he learned that he didn’t have one, and was never claimed by an owner, Bryant decided to save the puppy a second time and adopt him!

Bryant had lost his beloved dog three years ago and was planning on adopting a new one. This was definitely meant to be! His daughter named him Rocky, fittingly after his rescue.

ABC News/Youtube

An engineer on the scene, named Tian Griffith, caught the rescue on camera. As soon as he saw it happening, he went back to his truck to get his phone. He just had a feeling that this was about to be something special, and he was absolutely right!

Captain Bryant, along with the other firefighters, are heroes for saving this poor pup. Luckily, the pup was okay and even found a loving home with his rescuer!

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