Man Sees Fawn With Twisted Limbs Frozen On The Road As Cars Keep Speeding By

Two men, Steve and Paul, were driving along a busy freeway when they spotted a motionless animal lying frozen in the middle the road.

The pair stopped to take a good look at the creature, and was shocked to find a still-breathing young fawn!

The tiny creature had her limbs contorted in a strange position while her eyes were wide open!

Source: Steve Knoop/YouTube

The men gradually realized that the lonely fawn got terrified by the speeding vehicles, and instinctively went into “freeze mode”.

Whenever “prey” animals sense potential danger, they freeze and camouflage in their environment to escape the predator’s motion sensors.

In this case, the poor fawn had the same reaction to the oncoming cars. The men knew the fawn wouldn’t move on her own, so they decided to help her out!

Source: Steve Knoop/YouTube

In this video, we see Paul volunteering to rescue the helpless fawn. He delicately picks the.  .  .  Click To Continue Reading >>

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