She was skin and bones after giving birth when her owner disposed her as trash

Griffin Pond Animal Shelter in South Abington Township, Pennsylvania, is pleading with the public to help them find the person responsible for dumping an emaciated dog who had just give birth.

The dog was found roaming the roads of south Scranton, between Beech and Birch streets. The dog is receiving vet care, and workers at the shelter are scouting the area, desperately trying to locate the dog’s puppies.

ABC 16

“If there are puppies out there that do belong to this dog, we would like for them to reach out to us and hopefully give us information info on the puppies’ wellbeing so we could look into this matter more. And if they’re in a hard spot in their life and cannot take care of them if they could please surrender them to us,” Nancy Reese of the Griffin Pond Animal Shelter, told ABC 16.

ABC 16

The mama dog was last seen on Donnelly Court with a man who had a long black ponytail and was wearing an orange shirt. If you have any information regarding this person or the whereabouts of the puppies, please contact the shelter’s humane officer at 570-586-3700.

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