Loyal Dog Stays By Sister’s Side Til Help Comes After She Fell Into 8-Ft Cellar

Two dogs, Elsa and Ding Dong, escaped from their Provo, Utah home and decided to explore the neighborhood.

They wound up in someone’s backyard, where Elsa accidentally fell eight feet into an open root cellar.

Instead of wandering off, Ding Dong stayed by the hole and refused to leave Elsa’s side.

Provo Fire & Rescue/Facebook

Thanks to Ding Dong’s loyal, the homeowner spotted him and soon realized what had happened.

They called Provo Police Department Animal Control who quickly arrived at the scene with fire crews.

While officers and firemen worked together to save Elsa, Ding Dong remained by the hole to keep an eye on his best friend.

Provo Fire & Rescue/Facebook

It was nearly 97 degrees outside, so if Elsa was trapped down there any longer, she would have eventually died from thirst or heat stroke.

Luckily, they were able to get her out, and gave her water throughout the rescue to keep her hydrated.

Provo Fire & Rescue/Facebook

She was soon pulled to safety and reunited with her loyal best friend. Thankfully, she was unharmed and happy to be safe. She and Ding Dog were then reunited with their family.

It’s unknown how long Ding Dong was trapped down there, but it’s heartwarming to know that Ding Dong never left her side through the whole incident!

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